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Thinking about selling on your own? Find out if it's really worth it...

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Selling For Sale By Owner is an option that some home owners may consider in order to save money on paying a realtor's commission. But it's important to consider what you are actually paying for when you hire a realtor to do the job, and if you are actually saving money in the end.

An experienced realtor will lend them self to the sale of a home by:

  • Understanding more thoroughly the market you specifically are in, they study this daily.

  • Have already been through the process of selling homes and therefore know how to commence, navigate, and close a sale.

  • Have connections to quality vendors that will be needed during the process, inspectors, appraisers, loan officers, etc. and know exactly what to discuss, ask, and look for with each of these professionals.

  • Have a Rolodex of buyers and agents that they can easily market to as soon as a contract is signed to list your home for sale.

  • Have access to the largest database of homes for sale in order to market you property to largest number of buyer's agents and their client-buyers.

  • Properly vetting potential buyers so as to make sure a deal closes instead of falling out of escrow half way through the deal.

It is no wonder why homes that are sold by realtors net more money vs. those sold by owners. It's like they always say "the cheap turns out expensive!"

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